As a proud owner of the ‘Be Classic (Silver)’ loyalty card you can look forward to receiving a 20% Discount on Sale and Non-Sale items plus additional benefits at any of the following stores:

•Francis Fashions Shoe Locker (FFSL) –
Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories for every occasion
Locations: Over 30 branches throughout Trinidad and Tobago

•Sportworld –
Sporting clothes, footwear, accessories and equipment
Locations: 15 Henry St. Port of Spain
Trincity Mall, New Extension

•Puma –
Fashionable sporting clothes, footwear and accessories
Locations: Lower Henry St, Port of Spain
The Falls, West Mall - First floor

Men’s and Women’s clothing, footwear and accessories
Locations: The Falls, West Mall - First floor

•Got Shoooz? –
Women’s footwear, handbags and accessories
Locations: The Falls, West Mall - First floor

•Decorator’s Dream –
Silk & fresh flowers and arrangements
Locations: The Falls, West Mall - First floor

•Bio-fitness Club
Fully equipped weight training and cardio vascular centre, fully designed with an aerobic room catering to a wide range of classes.
Location: The Falls, West Mall

Check out Facebook for more details on each of our stores.

Our “Be Yourself” card is a Loyalty Card to “You” our customer! The “Be Yourself” Group comprises of a diverse range of stores suited for your every occasion. Each member outlet has a unique signature with all accessories and apparel to compliment your individual style selection. Whether it is casual, formal or sporty clothing, footwear or accessories, for men, women and kids, you will find it. You can also dress your house to suit your style, with silk and fresh flower arrangements from Decorator’s Dream.

Your Benefits:
•Discounts on Sale and Non-Sale items each and every time you shop with us.

•Earn Loyalty Dollars that you can use at any time while your card is valid. You will gain 1% for every dollar you spend.

Example: If your total transaction amounts to $500 you will immediately inherit $5 loyalty dollars. These can be used on your next transaction or they can be
saved in your account to be redeemed at a future date.
NB: The loyalty dollars cannot be taken out in your first transaction.

•Your dollars earned will be printed and shown at the bottom of each receipt when you shop with us; whether it’s 1 day, 1 month or 6 months. You can redeem these loyalty dollars once your card is valid.

•Your Loyalty Card is valid for ONLY 1 year from the date purchased. Your loyalty dollars do not roll over into the next year. They will expire when your card expires.

•Your dollars earned CANNOT be redeemed for cash. They can only be used as a discount in any one of the stores previously listed.

Keeping you in touch:
Emails will be regularly sent to you informing you about upcoming promotions and sales, new arrivals in stores, and special events. We will also notify you 1 month and 2 weeks prior to when your card is going to expire.

•Sign the back of your card immediately when you receive it.

•Always carry your card in a safe place such
as your wallet or purse

•A form of Photo Identification MUST be presented before use of the card. No ID, No Additional Discount

•Only the person whose name is on the card will be allowed to use it.

Example: If your name is John Doe, you cannot give it to your spouse or anyone else to use it and get the discount on your behalf. You must be present and show a form of ID that you are in fact John Doe

Making Your Purchase:
Simply hand the cashier your card to swipe at the point of purchase to get your discount. You will need to provide picture ID in order to use your card, so in case it is stolen it cannot be used by anyone else.

Renewing your card:
If you wish to renew your card after it has expired you will need to pay the annual fee. You will also need to fill out a new registration form. On this form, please tick the box that says ‘card renewal’. This allows us to keep your information updated on our database, and your new card will be ready for collection within a few working days.

Canceling your card:
Canceling your card will mean forfeiting your annual fee paid. If you need to cancel you should do so close to the anniversary date of purchase of your card in order to get maximum value. To cancel, please call our customer service at 640-5344 and notify which location you will be surrendering your card. After you have reported this please go to the location stated and hand in your card.

Upgrade your card:
If you wish to upgrade your Loyalty Card you will have to pay a new annual fee for this, and your old card will be cancelled upon upgrade. You will also need to fill out a new registration form by ticking the box that says “Upgrade” and once your information is the same from the previous form you filled out, you can just put “Same as before”. Example – If you currently have a ‘Be Bold (Green)” card and you would like to get a “Be Gold (Gold)” card, you will have to surrender your Green card and purchase the Gold card for the card’s total value of $499.99. This card will be treated as a totally new card. It will be valid from the date you’ve purchased it, until 1 year later. Your loyalty dollars cannot be transferred from your Green card to your Gold card, so we recommend that you redeem all your loyalty dollars accumulated on your Green card before you upgrade.

Report a lost or stolen card:
If your card is lost or stolen, please call and report it to our customer service department at 640-5344 immediately so that your card can be cancelled. Also, go to the nearest Francis Fashions Shoe Locker store, notify them and present a form of picture identification.
A Replacement Fee of $10.00 will have to be provided at this point for the issue of your new card. In the event of either situation, your loyalty dollars will not be lost. They will be stored in your account and transferred onto your new card.

Customer Service:
If you have any questions regarding any of the information above, please contact us by any of the following ways:

•Call us at 640-5344

•Go to any of the stores’ Facebook Fan page and state your query

•Email us at