How many Be Yourself Loyalty Cards are there at FFSL?
There are four Loyalty Cards.
Be Exclusive 25% off - (Black Card)
Be Classic 20% off - (Platinum Card)
Be Gold 15% off - (Gold Card)
Be Bold 10% off - (Green Card)

Which stores accept Be Yourself loyalty Cards?
All Francis Fashions Shoe Locker Outlets
Sportworld Outlets
Puma Store
Guess Store
Got Shoooz?
Decorator’s Dream

What can I use my Loyalty Card for?
For discounts on sale and non-sale items. On any item in any store! Discounts on top of discounts!

How do I apply for a Loyalty Card?
You can visit any Francis Fashions Shoe Locker Group of Companies outlets (See list in Answer 2) and fill out an application form or download and print out the online form (include link here), fill out and drop off at any outlet.

Can I get discounts on sale items?
You will get an additional discount to the value of your card on sale items.

How long is my card valid for?
Cards are valid for 1 year from the date of activation and loyalty dollars are valid until the card expires in that year.

How do I renew my card?
Cards can be renewed simply by filling out the registration form ticking the box marked “Card Renewal” then paying the annual fee.

Can I upgrade my card to a card of higher discount value?
Cards can be upgraded simply by canceling your old card and paying the annual fee for the new card.

Can anyone else such as a spouse use my loyalty card?
Loyalty Cards can only be used by the applicant, after a form of photo identification has been presented to the cashier.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
You will need to report it to the customer service hotline at
 640-5344 so your account will be immediately cancelled.
Then you will need to go to the nearest Francis Fashions Shoe Locker Outlet, notify them and present a form of photo ID.
A replacement Fee of $10.00 will have to be provided for the issue of your new card.